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career change, work shift, new work policies

Image by digitalart, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If you’ve read my book RINGMASTER, you know I’m all about embracing career change!

So I’m always glad to see others’ perspectives on how to not only adopt change, but how to approach it from a leadership standpoint, too.

This article by Will Gemma is a very interesting study on how managers should look at change in their workplace. Because when you’re a manager, YOU play a huge role in whether or not any give change – whether it was mandated by your superiors or proactive on your part – will be embraced by your team and ultimately is successful.

Here are his 6 areas of focus:

  1. Trickle Down Leadership
  2. Method to the Madness
  3. Changes Within Changes
  4. The Changing Culture
  5. Prepare For The Worst
  6. Communication, A Million Times Over

Read the whole article for insight into each one and really ask yourself what you need to do as a manager to make change happen in your workplace.