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career networking mistakes

Image by jesadaphorn via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If the key to a good career is “all about who you know”, then you don’t have room to be making many mistakes.

Enter this article that identifies 6 mistakes too many professionals are making in today’s professional networking world. Drumroll please…

  • MISTAKE 1: A “Me-First” Focus
  • MISTAKE 2: Pestering People on Social Media
  • MISTAKE 3: Ignoring Twitter
  • MISTAKE 4: Oversharing on Facebook
  • MISTAKE 5: Never Leaving Your Computer
  • MISTAKE 6: Letting Your Contacts Go Stale

The ones I was most glad to see on the list were in relation to social media. I work with my Career Coaching clients on strategically using LinkedIn – but I also work with them on Twiter and Facebook. Too many people rely exclusively on LinkedIn, when Twitter – when used right – is also an amazing tool, especially in regards to establishing yourself as an expert with a unique point-of-view in our industry.

At the same time, so many people view Facebook as a place that’s “just for fun with my friends” – when in reality the persona they present there plays a major role in how others in their professional network view them. Want to be taken seriously in your industry? Then you better be careful with what you’re posting on Facebook!

Check out the rest of the article for more insight into how these 6 mistakes can ruin your career – and how you can avoid them!