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4 Ways Career Rejection Can Help You In The Long Run

dealing with career failures

image by digitalart, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

No one likes rejection.

Rejection tends to cause embarrassment, make you doubt yourself and question your future.

But rejection can also make you stronger. Because some history’s biggest successes had failures early on that they learned from. People ranging from Thomas Edison to Oprah are proof.

In the context of your career, rejection can come in many forms – all of which are easier to talk about overcoming than to actually overcome. But with the help of mentors, Career Coaches and good counsel, you can find actionable steps to turn your rejection into motivation to be even more successful than you could have before.

Take this article, for example, which outlines 4 ways to leverage your rejection to your advantage:

  1. Let it motivate you.
  2. Get feedback.
  3. Find support.
  4. Discover your true passion.

Read the article to get more insight into exactly how these four steps can come to life for you.

Have you ever dealt with rejection? How did it help you in the long run?