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As a Career Coach and former HR manager, I can confidently say that every professional has dome  kind of imperfection they are worried about. The key is how you manage and position it.

But what if that imperfection is a squeaky past?

Maybe it was litigation, or a bad relationship with a manager, or a reputation you got before making a change in your life. Whatever “it” is, if it tarnished your career in any way, it’s understandable that you can feel trapped by your past.

If this is you, and you’re looking for new work, here’s my advice: Don’t hide it, but use wisdom on how to own your mistake. The key here is to shed light on how you learned from the experience.

Something you’re incredibly worried about will come through in a meeting or interview, and often times that spotlights an issue that would have never come up if you just answered the questions you were asked. The law of physics tells us that what you focus on expands.¬† If you focus on what you learned and take ownership of what you can, then you will make a better impression and set yourself up for success.

Past issues can impact your future, no doubt. But control what you can – like how what hurt you makes you stronger.

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Do you have an experience where your past has impacted your job search? What did YOU learn?