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Success Starts With Vision

Image by iosphere via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I recently read article by Chee Tung, Leong – Manager, Singapore and Southeast Asia at Gallup – titled Why Creating Organizational Change Is So Hard that was very insightful.

The article reinforces that trying to implement a change within an organization is hard no matter what part of the world you live in, claiming:

“Of the many strategic initiatives that were launched in January – from organizational restructuring and cultural alignment to market entry – about 70% of them are doomed to fail. This means that of every workweek spent on these efforts, 3.5 days are wasted.”

Why is this the case? I believe (and the article also suggests) that vision on the part of the manager is crucial – and communicating that vision to the rest of the organization is essential.

When people see that their workplace leader has a grounded, strategic vision for how this change will make an impact for good, they are so much more likely to follow them into the change. Yet so many managers just assume people will get behind the change!

This is a topic from my book, RINGMASTER, that I delve very deep into. If you’re interested in learning effective strategies on how to take control of change and implement it successfully, check it out.