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cost effective job search resources

Image by Stuart Miles, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

For many, a job search comes at a time when they are either out of work or looking for a new job that pays better. Therefore, spending a lot of money on that job search may not seem like the best idea.

While I’m a firm believer that wise investment in your job search (like working with a Career Coach) can return your money and then some, I totally understand that job seekers need to start frugally. And while it’s easy to say “the web is full of great cheap or free resources”, there are some very specific emerging media types that job seekers should specifically look to (beyond this blog, that is!)

This article does a great job of breaking down where you should start based on your personality type.

Are you a reader? Look to newsfeeds and books and e-books.

More of an auditory learner? Seek out job search and career counseling podcasts.

Are you the kind of person who gets more help through experiences? Research webinars and Massive Online Open Courses.

Again, the article does a great job of suggesting why each of these resources could be right for you – and your budget.

How about you? Any experiences with cost effective job search resources you would recommend to everyone else?