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What "Velocity" Means in a Job Search

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Image by digitalart, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There are many approaches to a job search.

But one thing people too often overlook is the speed at which they should attack their job hunt. That, in and of itself, is basically a strategy of its own!

David Dirks, the author of “Job Search Marketing: Finding Job Opportunities in Any Economy“, describes this as velocity:

In the context of a job search, velocity is the speed at which you move along the path to researching, networking, uncovering and applying for job opportunities. Job search velocity is a measure of how quickly we act on information. Whether it’s a job lead or a networking contact — speed is the key.

Why is velocity important? Dirks explains:

Velocity is a distinct advantage for no other reason than that much of your competition will be slow to react. Your ability to move on information will not only reflect your ability to make things happen, but give you the “speed to market” edge.

He gives many more insightful reasons on why velocity is key in a job search in this article, which I highly recommend you read!

How have you seen velocity play into your job searches?