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advice for job search success

Image by iosphere, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net


So many of us rely on routine. It’s what makes us feel comfortable in our daily lives, knowing what to expect and giving us a sense of control in life.

But when you find yourself facing a job search, your routine gets rocked. Here’s the funny thing, though: we then find a NEW routine within that job search!

So many of us wake up, check emails, follow through with contacts, browse LinkedIn for new contact opportunities, review the resume, check email again, etc.

In a time of major change, establishing a mini-routine can help us feel good about our situation. But is it really helping?

Per this article referencing Deepok Chopra, routine can in fact become an obstacle to the way we work. How? Here are the topline answers the article gives:

  1. You miss simple mistakes.
  2. You become lazy.
  3. You stop being proactive.
  4. You’re not living in the moment.

I recommend you read the article for tips on how not to fall into the trap of routine. It’s also important to have others who will hold you accountable to your job search strategy – be it mentors, peers or a career coach – ensuring routine doesn’t ruin your search!

What has your experience been with routine in a job search?