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My Latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch Career Column

How To Reach Your Career Goals

My latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch career column is focused around career goals – particularly how to identify the relationship between career goals, strategies and tactics.

How do you define and distinguish among these three things? Read an excerpt of the column below, or find out by reading the whole column.


Have you ever found yourself looking back at the career goals your manager set for you 6 to 12 months ago, only to realize you are caught up in day-to-day tasks that aren’t getting you any closer to what you really want in your career?

A Career Coaching client and I recently concluded her entire career journey has never been directed by her, but by her boss and organization. While she wants to have more significance in her career, she feels stuck in support duties that don’t get her any closer to the decision-making table.

She needed a goal that was truly hers — and to reach that goal, she needed a strategy — and to bring that strategy to life, she needed tactics.

In my client’s mind, she couldn’t distinguish between her “goal” or “strategy.” She thought getting her MBA (which she did several years ago) was her goal and strategy in-one. But in reality, “getting an MBA” was a tactic. Understanding the difference is essential in reaching career success. Here’s how I recommend looking at your career goal arc. READ THE REST OF THIS COLUMN HERE.