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How Communication Impacts Career Success

Career Communication Impact

My latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch column is now live, and it’s all about how significant communication is in one’s career. Below is an opening excerpt, and you can read the entire article here.


It is a well-known fact many people’s greatest fear is public speaking.

But if you never plan to become a keynote speaker, why should you even care about learning the skills around public speaking?

Answer: Because your ability to verbally communicate has a direct impact on how successful you will be in your job — not to mention your life and/or marriage!

Many people are great at doing their jobs because of their skills and talents, but they won’t be able to advance their title/responsibility because they lack verbal communication skills. In my previous role as an HR executive, I often heard decision makers say things like, “We can’t promote them into this new position because they can’t get everyone on the same page,” or “Team members have a hard time getting them to respond to emails and phone calls,” or “They are not great with people.”

In other words, they are terrible at communicating.

But even if you know the skill of clear verbal communication is important, how can you get over your discomfort with speaking to others in a professional setting?

There are processes and learned techniques that will help you in becoming a better communicator… Read the rest of the column here.