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career advice, job search tips, failure, disappointment

Image by David Castillo Dominici, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Many of us are excited to head into Labor Day weekend for the extra day off we can spend with family and friends.

But what about those of us who WISH we had a job to be having a day off from?

This is exactly the case for many job seekers who are yet to come up with the job they want. This weekend may just remind them of their lack of job search success to date.

It’s easy to get down when the job search isn’t going the way you hoped it would. But it’s essential that you stay positive. You can’t let the disappointment get the best of you.

Now, yes, that’s easier said than done. But there are ways to pick yourself back up. Take the 4 tips in this article, for example. I won’t spoil them for you here, but they are tangible, actionable ways to deal with rejection in a positive manner.

Just remember that what you are going through is temporary. There will be an answer. And there are resources to help you get there.

If this is something you’d like to talk with me about personally, reach out anytime.