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HRI spend most of the time on this blog writing about career trends, providing commentary and job and workplace news, and providing insight on how YOU can develop YOUR career successfully.

But people often ask about why I do what I do. Here’s the answer.

There was a defining moment in my life when I realized that helping others discover what they love doing was what I in fact loved doing. My father – who spent most of his career hating his job – died of cancer in his retirement year. Looking back at my father’s life, it was clear to me that he had always lived for tomorrow, anticipating retirement when he could really “do what he loved doing.” The tragic irony is that day would never come.

This ignited a new passion in me. Why would anyone choose to go about life with the mindset that “I’ll just get by,” when we spend most of our lives at work and not with family or loved ones? For me, I discovered that as my career moved upward, it also took me further away from what drew me to HR in the first place: helping people develop their own career growth.

The time had come to pursue doing what I love right now, and that meant coaching other people through their career journeys. By doing so, I wouldn’t just help them “find a job” – I’d be able to make a difference in their life.

So in 2002, I set up my own private practice, crafting my own coaching philosophy/methodology: The “activ:8 careers” System.

The 8-step, results-based method worked from the get-go for clients from all kinds of backgrounds. Accountants. CFOs. Engineers. Graphic Designers. Event Planners. Personal Trainers. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives. Teachers. Real Estate Brokers. I’ve worked with them all – and many, many more.

My clients have consistently taken to the diverse career building processes, and the fact that they didn’t waste time or money in achieving their goals. And knowing this has helped me achieve MY goal!

If you ever have any other questions on my Career Coaching experience, past or how I can help you as a Career Coach, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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  • Barb Bied. says:

    Such a nice story; thanks for sharing it.
    Such a great photo of you too. Love it!

  • Lee J. Cox says:

    My initial session with David was one of answering the now too familiar question, “what do you want in a career?” My response was all too panic focused, “a job, need a job now, please, please, please…

    David listened. Carefully outlined what our “process” of career redirection would be, the time it may take, the cost in dollars and energy. My response, “ok, when do we update the resume and get the job?”

    As our weekly sessions developed over time, I learned the Zen philosophy behind David’s approach.

    The Active8 assignment was to start the process and then get out of the way.

    David guided me to discover my skills, how to present that in a productive style in an interview- how to negotiate the offer; how to accept the offer and then close on salary and benefits; and land in a career that is both exciting and enjoyable. Did I mention I am 69 years old and still enjoying full time employment?