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30 Reasons Your Job Search Isn't Over

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Image by Stuart Miles, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One of the main reasons people turn to a Career Coach like me is because their job search is simply taking so long.

We work together to identify the precise reason this is the case – but that comes from a very long list of potential reasons. That’s why I want to make you aware of this article and list – 30 reasons Your Job Search is Taking So Long.

It’s a very comprehensive list, and if you’re one of the many who falls into the camp of “still looking for a job” one (and likely more) of the reasons why are on this list.

I’ve posted the first 10 reasons your job search is taking so long below. Check out the site to see all 30.

  1. Assuming that the Internet has made job search easier than it used to be (the opposite is true).
  2. Believing that every job posting – or every email seemingly from an employer – represents a real job for a real employer (rather than considering that wild goose chase you’re on is a scam).
  3. Waiting until the most competitive job markets of the year to job search – September and January.
  4. Looking for a job – any job! – rather than taking the time to determine the job you want and focusing on the employers where you really want to work.
  5. Not having a good, memorable answer to the question, “What are you looking for?” when someone is kind enough and interested enough to ask.
  6. Expecting strangers (and friends, too) to look at your resume or LinkedIn Profile for input and never-ending updates.
  7. Spending all your time online clicking on the “Apply” button for every job you find, whether or not you are qualified for it.
  8. Having one version of your resume that you submit for every job you find.
  9. Posting your resume on all the job boards and waiting for the job offers to roll in.
  10. Exaggerating your qualifications on your resume.