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Ah, the resume: the one written document that everyone fears will either make or break their chances for the job they want.

The truth everyone should know is your resume rarely gets you selected – it more often screens you out because you don’t have the right amount of years of experience, etc.

Yes, everyone needs a resume. But the focus must be on how you position yourself in this document. If your resume is done well, it will highlight what sets you apart, thus becoming a good tool to use when networking.

My Career Coaching clients and I work together on identifying and positioning their points-of-difference and experience on their resume. We make sure that every word, statement and message is clear and significant. We are not concerned about listing EVERY skill set in the resume, because it doesn’t position the applicant as focused.

We also leverage their skills in other documents to better describe their true value and why they will bring success wherever they go.

One of these documents is a special report that, in my experience, often outperforms resumes and other supporting documents in reaching a client’s target market. When completed, this special report will serve as a tool to position you not only as a candidate – but as a valuable contributor from the get-go.

If you’d like to know more about my process and how it can benefit your resume, reach out to me or check out my book, From Roadkill To Road Map.

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