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How To Stay Up When Your Career Is Down

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Image by Stuart Miles, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The following is the opening excerpt to a guest blog post I wrote for Webster University School of Business. I am a regular contributor to the blog and a proud alumni of Webster, and I hope you’ll check out what else they are talking about!


If you’re feeling down and you think there is no end to life’s troubles, don’t be in distress! This month we’re going to give you a little breath of fresh air. When initially talking about a loss of a job, I always encourage people to give themselves time to react – feel the shock and devastation – then regroup and move forward. When you’ve been in the job hunt for an extended period of time, the same holds true. Give yourself time to take a deep breath, decompress, and begin again. While this can be easier said than done. So I’ve compiled several suggestions to help you stay up when you’re down.

What can I do to keep my mental health? Find out what drives you. What challenges you? What keeps your brain engaged? It could be reading a good book, or doing research on the Internet. Actually, doing research on companies of interest in the job search may be how you stay engaged mentally.

Stay mentally focused by keeping some sort of structure to your day. While you may not have to get up at 6 a.m. anymore, it’s important that you have a scheduled time to wake up, work, stop for lunch and call it a day. READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE AT THE WEBSTER BLOG.