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One Question To Ask Yourself Before Starting a Job Search

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Image by ratch0013, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Whenever someone tells me they are beginning a new job search, I always make an analogy to fishing:

Before a fisherman ever gets in the boat, he prepares by asking himself a few questions. What kind of fish am I trying to catch? Do I have the right bait? The right hook?

A wise career seeker asks the same questions – and the first should indeed be what job you’re trying to land – the “fish” in the metaphor. Once you establish that, you can then identify what kind of “bait” and “hook” you need.

Here’s the thing, though – you don’t just want to say “IT analyst” or “accountant” like you would “trout” or “bass.” To really begin your job fishing trip successfully, you should identify three things:

  1. A specific job title/role
  2. A specific industry
  3. A geographic location

Do this, and you’ll be able to craft a statement that gives you job seeking purpose. I’ll give you an example statement from Richard Bolles’ The Job Hunter’s Survival Guide that sums up all three:

“I’m going to be an account manager in the advertising industry in either NYC or Chicago.”

If you’d like to learn more about this job search topic, check out my book, From Fish Story To Success Story.