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7 Job Search Mistakes Older Job Seekers Make, But Can Control

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Image by Stuart Miles, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In today’s market, older professionals¬† – for purposes of context, let’s just say those in their 50s and 60s – tend to face different challenges than younger job seekers.

Retirement looms. Presumptions are sometimes made about being “behind the times.” Salaries have built up over time that may be more than companies expect to pay.

But here’s the thing – while these challenges can be hurdles, often the biggest road block in an older professional’s job search is oneself. Whether it’s mentally positioning yourself for failure or simply not embracing new technologies, there are things the older job seeker can 100% control that attribute to them not getting the job.

I recently came across an article that calls out 7 such “mistakes” older job seekers make that lead to undesired results. The article does a great job of going into depth on each mistake, but here’s a glimpse:

  1. Taking too long to start your job search.
  2. Relying on outdated job search techniques.
  3. Misunderstanding transferable skills.
  4. Using one resume for every opportunity.
  5. Using age as a reason to keep you stuck.
  6. Listening to fear and anxiety.
  7. Using the “R” word (“retirement”) when searching.

Even from a quick look at these 7 mistakes you can tell that they are controllable! Read the article for more insight, or reach out to me to dig even deeper into this unique older-in-life job search scenario.