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Comparing Resume Writers, Recruiters and Career Coaches

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This is a topic that goes through many job seekers’ minds, more often when their search is taking longer than expected.

It’s a hard topic for me to comment on here, because as a Career Coach I of course am a strong believer in the impact a coach can have on one’s job search! However, there are other job search services you can pay for – like resume writers or recruiters – that may offer different levels of value for what you pay.

Enter this “Ask Matt” feature from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, in which Matt Krumrie gives excellent third party advice on where it’s worth a job seeker investing, and where it’s not.

Regarding recruiters, Krumrie writes:

Put together a list of target companies or positions, update your LinkedIn profile, let everyone in your network know of your search, then update your résumé based on those goals. Do this first before hiring anyone to write your résumé for you — and if you do that, never pay more than $300, says Drew Schmitz, a sales and marketing recruiter and President of Twin Cities-based Blue Octopus LLC (blueoctopusllc.com). “There is no ultimate résumé,” says Schmitz, who says the average recruiter or HR professional spends about 30 seconds looking at it. “We read the sentences below your name, your job titles, the dates of employment and your employers’ names. Then we decide to contact you — or put the résumé away never to look at it again.”

On the topic of recruiters, Krumrie says:

As for that recruiter, keep this story in mind: Schmitz had a friend who (against Schmitz’s expert advice) paid a recruiter $2,700 for what turned out to be a résumé, cover letter, interview tips and one interview for a job $25,000 below his expectations. And of course, they never found him a job. “Recruiters like me make money when we place people,” says Schmitz. And that fee is paid by the employer — not the job seeker. “We shouldn’t be charging job seekers and unemployed candidates who desperately need the money.”

Then comes what he has to say about Career Coaches (obviously I don’t disagree):

However, you may want to invest in the services of a career coach. Why? Career coaches can help you clarify a career objective, prepare for the job search, help practice for interviews, create an online presence, teach networking skills, overcome barriers encountered in the job search and even help manage the emotional component of job transition.

Have you ever worked with a Resume Writer, Recruiter or Career Coach? What was your experience?

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