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Image appearing in qz.com article, 8.27.14

Image appearing in qz.com article, 8.27.14

A client of mine just sent me an article titled “Job Requirements Are Mostly Fiction And You Should Ignore Them”, which pretty much says it all!

Now, it should be understood that job requirements are a must so that hiring managers can at least know what kind of position they need to fill and what kinds of skills are being sought. However, these requirements should not be taken as gospel. As the article states:

“A lot of times when companies write job descriptions, they include everything that they dream of having,” Scott Purcell, a Silicon Valley-based technology recruiter at Jobspring Partners, tells Quartz. “It’s a list of things that they need, then things that they want to use in the future or are thinking about using. They put in everything that’s in their environment, every sort of technology. ”Hiring managers get overexcited and list too many things, even though only a few parts of the description are truly core. But the term “requirement” gets read very literally, and scares people off from jobs they could well get.

A specific stat my client pointed out to me:

A commonly cited statistic is that women only apply for jobs when they feel 100% qualified, while men are willing to apply when meeting just 60% of the qualifications—evidence of a confidence gap between the genders. But both men and women fall into the trap of taking job requirements too seriously.

Is this you? Are you letting the technicality of job requirement lists keep you from applying for a position you may be perfect for? Don’t fall into the trap.

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  • Catherine Corry says:

    Very interesting! Personally if I feel I only meet 80% of the requirements I still apply. I know that I’m a hard worker and a fast learner so I can make up for anything I may lack.