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LinkedIn, Strategy, Networking

Image by bplanet, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Most of us know that LinkedIn is THE way to network in the modern day work world.

But are you truly using it to your advantage, or are you simply “on LinkedIn” waiting for good things to happen?

That’s the question raised in this article, which then goes into very good tangible advice on how to wisely leverage LinkedIn to make the right connections and advance your career. Some highlights include:

  • Do your LinkedIn research to determine the “targets” you would like to engage in a conversation. Use the Advanced Search page to identify people by employer name, title, and … most importantly… for only your second level connections.
  • For every second level contact that looks promising, on the line below the name click on the link titled “x shared connections” to see all your first level contacts who are directly connected to your “targets”.
  • Review all these first level connections and decide which one is your first choice for requesting an introduction to your “target”.
  • If you have the email or phone number of the first level contact who can connect you to the second level you want, rather than using the internal LinkedIn function of “Get introduced” or firing off an InMail, email or call your first level contact directly.
  • Ask your contact for an introduction to your “target”. If possible, offer to provide them a script for making the introduction and let them know that you are OK if they want to modify it to their liking.
  • Monitor the situation to insure the introduction is made in a timely manner. If it isn’t, follow up to request a status.

Check out the whole article and let me know how you have used LinkedIn successfully!