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I’m a big believer in volunteering.

First off, there is the fact that it is simply so rewarding – contributing to something bigger than yourself can do wonders for your outlook on life, not to mention how you feel about yourself.

But did you know that volunteering can also benefit your job search? I’m not suggesting you volunteer with ulterior motives, but rather embrace the added bonus of how being a volunteer can tangibly impact your job search and/or career in general!

I’ve seen it first hand through my coaching. But don’t just take my word for it – this article does a great job of outlining 8 specific ways your job search gains from volunteering:


  1. Staying engaged.
  2. Building and honing skill sets.
  3. Increasing odds of finding employment.
  4. Making a statement that pay isn’t your biggest motivator.
  5. Increasing self worth.
  6. Expanding your network.
  7. General health and well being.
  8. Setting concrete goals.


The article does a great job of breaking down all 8 of these points, so check it out.

How has volunteering impacted your career?

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  • Carol Schmidt says:

    As one of the many 50-somethings unemployed in the recent recession, I was fortunate to find Businesspersons Between Jobs as a networking resource. One of the first speakers that I heard said: “Think of this situation as a gift of time. Go volunteer or paint your house or lose weight or train for a marathon. You can’t job hunt 24/7.” I immediately started volunteering at an organization important to me, and not in my industry. Two years later, I was asked to work part-time to cover a position that needed to be filled quickly. After six months I talked them into hiring me full-time. I view it as an accidental career change, since I moved to the world of non-profits. I make alot less money, but I am committed to the mission and like the work environment. You can plan out your career as much as you want, but I advise people to be open to the happy accidents that cross your path.

  • David says:

    Its amazing what happens when you engage with meaningful work even if it’s just on a volunteer basis. When we live life purposefully the unexpected often happens.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!