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Image by iosphere, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Making a career move is a tricky thing at any level of experience.

But I can tell you that those at the executive level do indeed face a unique set of challenges, and this often leads to mistakes that one may not see coming at other levels.

For example, executives often have to know how to negotiate executive bonuses. Understanding how to wade in these waters is essential, as handling it poorly can cost an exec two- and even three-figure bonuses.

I have worked with several executives through major career moves, alerting them to unique situations that may arise, and collaborating with them on how to get what they want.

I came across this article recently that does a good job raising awareness about 5 such executive-specific career hurdles. If you are an executive (or want to be one someday), I highly recommend you read it to get a taste of this unique professional career change.