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Understanding Patricia Arquette's "Equal Wages" Oscar Speech

If you watched the Oscars last night, one of the most memorable moments was clearly when Best Supporting Actress winner Patricia Arquette ended her speech by making a plea for equal wages for women (in Hollywood and elsewhere).

So what exactly is the context behind her strong comments? This article nicely sums it up below:

There is a particular context for Arquette’s speech: the email leak at Sony Pictures revealed a stark pay gap between male and female execs at the studio, as well as lower pay for female actresses. On American Hustle for instance, a film with an ensemble cast of equal importance, male stars received 9% of profits, female stars only 7%. And Sony’s Columbia Pictures division has two co-presidents – one a man, one a woman – with the same job descriptions and a million-dollar pay gap between them. (“People should know what they’re worth” and not accept less, was former studio head Amy Pascale’s response.) And it’s not just Hollywood of course.

So what do you think? Have you seen wage inequality based on gender in your workplace? What do you think needs to happen next?