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St. Louis Post Dispatch career column

Below is an excerpt from my latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch career column about finding a Career Coach. Read the whole article here.


When the economy was hit hard around 2008 and jobs were scarce, it was very common to find 200-plus job seekers crowd into a room hoping to gain insight that would give them a leg up in their job search. They would attend seminars that promised “secret resume tips” or information on “how to interview like a star performer and get hired on the spot!” Many of these lectures led to helpful, tangible steps one can take toward a new job, but some did not — and that can be traced back to who was speaking.

I can tell you from experience the market has been flooded with so-called “experts,” and there are indeed measureable factors you can rely upon to realize whether or not you will get relevant, actionable advice.

So how do you choose the right coach/counselor for you without becoming disappointed later on in the process? I would suggest you look at three key areas…