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how to work with recruiters

Image by jesadaphorn via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As a Career Coach, my opinion on the use of recruiters is this: It’s not always right and it’s not always wrong.

Not too long I ago, I blogged on the topic of recruiters   – note that the “Schmitz” mentioned below is a sales and marketing recruiter and President of Twin Cities-based Blue Octopus LLC (blueoctopusllc.com):

As for that recruiter, keep this story in mind: Schmitz had a friend who (against Schmitz’s expert advice) paid a recruiter $2,700 for what turned out to be a résumé, cover letter, interview tips and one interview for a job $25,000 below his expectations. And of course, they never found him a job. “Recruiters like me make money when we place people,” says Schmitz. And that fee is paid by the employer — not the job seeker. “We shouldn’t be charging job seekers and unemployed candidates who desperately need the money.”

So, while I am skeptical of recruiters, there are some things that are worth considering. I recently came across an article titled “Career Search: Building Relationships With Recruiters”, that identifies how to start and maintain a healthy relationship with a recruiter that can help you achieve success.

Read the article. Think about how you could, should or should not work with a recruiter.

And if you’ve ever had a successful experience with a recruiter, please share your story in the comments!