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netowrking meeting

Image by renjith krishnan, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You hear so much about networking.

“It’s just faking relationships to get a job.”

“It’s all about making connections to get ahead.”

“It’s meeting as many people as possible so you have a wider net to cast in the future.”

Nobody ever seems to get it right. Networking IS essential to your career. It IS about making connections and relationships. But it’s so much more. It’s a two-way, mutually beneficial engagement. It’s about helping others as much as getting help.

I recently came across an article titled Networking For Career Development that I believe does a good job of summing up all that networking encompasses:

Networking is by no means ‘buttering others’. Networking for career development is connecting with people who can aid your growth. Ideally, networking is developing relations which can be mutually beneficial. Networking is about developing professional connections but it’s by no means an alternative to knowledge, skills or hard work. It’s in fact complementing your strengths and creating positive results for your professional growth.
Read that through a few times and ask yourself, “Am I REALLY networking?”