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How Being Part of a Controversy Can Impact Your Career Long-Term

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Image by Stuart Miles, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s far too often that we see a story in the headlines about college-aged students doing something dumb on camera.

Most recently, it was a group of SAE fraternity students in Oklahoma.

This blog post is not intended to judge what these students did – obviously, any act of racism is terrible. But one question that has come up a lot is this: Will the act of theses students hold long-term consequences in terms of their careers?

In short, my answer is yes.

We live in a day and age when anything you put out there can and likely will be seen by coworkers and employers, current or future. I just spoke to someone today who is interviewing a candidate tomorrow and joked about a video they found online of the candidate rapping. My point is this: Assume what you publish online will be seen.

Will a hiring decision maker overlook a pic of you doing shots with your college friends? Probably. But an act of racism? Probably not.

This case study should be an example to everyone out there – making bad decisions in life and documenting them for the world to see has consequences.

I hope you’ll read more about this topic in this article where two other career experts give their takes on the impact of the SAE fraternity’s actions in terms of their future careers. It provokes a lot of thought, and I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts in the comments!