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Some Thoughts About "International Quit Your Crappy Job Day"

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Image by Stuart Miles, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Did you know there is a movement to recognize today – March 31 – as International Quit Your Crappy Job Day?

Per this Yahoo! Finance article:

“Way too many people stay in jobs they hate for way too long,” the man behind the plan, Alexander Kjerulf, tells Money Talk News. “We need to shift our perspectives and realize that quitting a job you hate is not an act of weakness [but] a lead to a better work life, a happier home life and a more successful career.”

Now, I’m definitely an advocate of quitting a job that does not fulfill you. However I never recommend making a spontaneous decision to quit. You need to consider the value you have to offer your current job and whether or not that value is being utilized. You need to ask if there is any way to work with management to adjust your role on the team to satisfy your desires.

But what if it’s still not worth it? The article reco’s considering this checklist of reasons it may be time to quit:

  • You’re no longer learning;
  • The passion is gone;
  • Your skills aren’t being tapped;
  • You hate the work;
  • You don’t fit into your company’s culture;
  • You have a terrible boss;
  • Your company is on a downward spiral;
  • Your health is affected by stress and anxiety;
  • Your personal relationships are suffering because of your job;
  • The way up the ladder isn’t appealing;
  • Your duties have increased, but your pay hasn’t;
  • You wake up dreading the day; and
  • You yearn for something else.

The key is this: Don’t just quit. Have a plan to grasp your dream job. Identify goals and a strategy to reach those goals. Know your next step before you take the first one.

There is a right way to quit and a wrong way – and if you’re at a point when you’re not sure which is which, I’m here to talk.