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networking burnout, exhaustion

Image by cooldesign, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Networking is one of the most exhausting things for a job seeker – but also one of the most essential.

But after countless emails, calls or LinkedIn pursuits, how do you find the energy to keep doing it?

I have a number of networking strategies I implement with my Career Coaching clients to help fight networking fatigue. But if you’re looking for an introduction, check out the tips in this Huffington Post article. Here’s a quick intro:

  1. Make a realistic plan and stick to it.
  2. Make it convenient.
  3. Prioritize your new connections.
  4. Don’t attend networking events in a bad mood.
  5. Mix it up.

Again, these are some topline tips that have more follow-up detail over at the article. Check it out, and let me know how YOU have fought networking burnout in the past!