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how to network the right way

Image by stockimages, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’ve blogged a lot about networking and the many strategies that come with it.

Everyone has an opinion on “the right way to network,” but it’s rare that I come across an article that breaks down its reasoning as thoroughly as this Forbes article titled, You’re Probably Networking The Wrong Way.

The article makes its case against general networking meetings, conferences and events and hails building a network out of your existing inner network of friends.

I specifically found the article’s reference of a high school study in which students were asked to list their top 8 friends. The findings reinforce how you can cast a very wide net of connections through just a few people.

In short, it’s all about friends of friends and making REAL relationships, not just meeting people who you hope can help you get a job.

Read the whole article, and comment with what you find most interesting.