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Surprising News About Managers' Influences on Career Development

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Image by jesadaphorn, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I recently read some startling statistics in this article about career development:

A recent survey by Right Management found that two-thirds of managers are not actively involved in employees’ career development, and just one-third of employees reported having regular career conversations with their managers.

This is discouraging news to say the least. Career development is essential, and as I tell managers whom I coach, they are in prime position to make the most impact on their team members. But obviously, that isn’t a priority to a lot of managers!

So if you’re wanting development – be it through training, mentoring, more responsibility, etc. – what should you do? I tell my clients that they need to pursue their goal, and that often means talking to your manager about your desire for them to help guide you forward in your career.

On the flip side, it’s also the role of companies and organization to better educate their managers on the importance of helping their teams develop professionally. In the article, Tim Loche, a Regional Practice Manager at Right Management, is quoted:

Organizations “need to assist managers in two key areas: Provide them with training about human motivation in the workplace so they have insight into what drives performance; and provide them with a framework to drive effective career conversations.”

What is your organization doing to invest in career development? It’s an important question to ask – because the answer might help you understand if you are in the right job or not.