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millennials, management, career advice

Image by iosphere, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Of all the generations out there, “millennials” may have secured their reputation the fastest (fairly or unfairly is up for debate)!

Some call this group entitled, stubborn and overly confident.

Others call them independent, revolutionary and inspiring.

Whichever side of the millennial fence you sit on, I believe every generation has value that others have not yet considered. It’s up to everyone else to figure out how to maximize their possibilities, and maybe even turn their weaknesses into strengths.

That’s why I want to share a Mashable article titled 3 Truths About Millennials That Will Change The Way You Manage Them.

The article does a great job of showcasing the opportunities with millennials – not just the millennials themselves, but how MANAGERS can get more out of their investment in this demographic.

The article identifies 3 specific things you can do to better be in touch with – and get more from – millennials:

  1. Ask “why?” –  Millennials are a collectively inquisitive group. Don’t expect them to just follow marching orders. Give them the “why” behind their responsibilities, and their understanding of the end goal will make them – and you – better for it.
  2. Envy startup culture – Help make your millennial team members part of process, rewarding their desire to have real, tangible significance in their job.
  3. Give feedback early and often – Helping your millennial team member move forward without stripping away their ability to do the job “their way” is essential in setting everyone up for success.

Read the article for more insight into this topic, and let me know what your experiences working with (or as) millennials is like!