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how to get a promotion

Image by iosphere, via FreeDigitalPhotos.com

Let’s get something straight right off the bat, here – if you want a job promotion, none of these tips will help you unless you first DESERVE it.

I’m not in the business of giving people quick fixes to get the title and salary promotion they simply “want.”

But if you are driven, know the value you deliver to your organization, and are confident you are worthy of a promotion, then I want to point you to the tips outlined in HR Pro Kevin Delaney’s article, “How To Get Promoted: 9 Things You Need To Do.”

I like Delaney’s advice because each thing maximizes the value you already deliver vs. gives you “tricks” to make other people think you are worthy of something you’re not. Here’s a sneak peek at the tips:

  1. Get around the right people.
  2. Stop hanging out with the wrong people.
  3. Attitude is everything.
  4. Communicate.
  5. After you communicate, communicate some more.
  6. Participation is highly recommended (read: required).
  7. Invisibility is great if you’re Harry Potter, but it won’t get you promoted.
  8. Don’t fixate or obsess – myopically focus on getting promoted.
  9. Go with the current, not against it.


Read the whole article for a breakdown of each tip, and comment with any advice you have from your personal experiences!