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How Proposed Overtime Rule Could Impact Your Workplace

By July 2, 2015Change, News
hourly wage, pay, overtime

Image by renjith krishnan, via freedigitalphotos.net

While a lot of what we talk about here on the blog tends to relate most with those who have a salary, a huge sum of Americans work for an hourly wage – and they often work overtime with no pay increase during their extra hours.

President Obama plans to change that, as he recently proposed a new law. Per this article:

A proposed new rule regarding overtime pay would mean increased paychecks for up to 5 million workers, according to the Obama administration. A proposed adjustment to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) — establishing the 40-hour workweek and rules to provide employees with a minimum wage and time and a half of their regular rate pay for working overtime — would raise the salary threshold for overtime. While it has been occasionally raised, the threshold has fallen behind its historic levels since it wasn’t regularly adjusted for inflation.

Now, I’m not here to make political commentary. But I think we would all agree that this new rule would impact both hourly wage workers and their salaried employers in their workplace. And not surprisingly, there are a lot of opinions on the positives and negatives of such a rule.

Educate yourself by checking out this article, which features different points-of-view that we should all consider if this new rule does indeed go into effect.

And as always, please comment with your thoughts!