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Is An Algorithm Better at Hiring Than a Human?!

algorighm hiring

Image by ddpavumba, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This recent New York Times article stirs quite the debate!

Titled Can An Algorithm Hire Better Than a Human, the article is based upon a trend that companies are actually trending toward. Per the article:

“…People have biases and predilections. They make hiring decisions, often unconsciously, based on similarities that have nothing to do with the job requirements — like whether an applicant has a friend in common, went to the same school or likes the same sports. That is one reason researchers say traditional job searches are broken. The question is how to make them better. A new wave of start-ups — including Gild, Entelo, Textio, Doxa and GapJumpers — is trying various ways to automate hiring. They say that software can do the job more effectively and efficiently than people can. Many people are beginning to buy into the idea…”

I think there is room for technology, but human calculations seem quite essential in the hiring process, too.

But what do YOU think?

Would relying on algorithms help or hurt you in your job hunt?