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how older women are getting hired

Image by stockimages, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We hear it all the time, from the media and from first-hand accounts – people over 50 have a hard time getting a new job, and women are discriminated against in the hiring process.

While I’m not here to try to “debunk” either of these common beliefs (because I’ve too often seen proof of each), I do want to share this recent article that claims women over the age of 50 are becoming one of the hiring market’s hottest demographics.

The article begins by stating what too many of us already know:

Statistics show that women ages 50 to 64 face a high rate of long-term unemployment and have difficulty finding the jobs they want to lead financially healthy lives.

But the article goes on to point out some more optimistic news for women over 50:

…more and more employers are identifying you as “prime talent.” You work harder, stay on the job longer, and have the soft skills they need. If you are actively looking for full-time work, this is a great time to prepare yourself for the job you want.

The article takes the stance that “lifelong learning” is the key, investing in continued education, programs and networks (like the new Job Shapers Network in St. Louis). I think that’s a fair opinion, but really feel the heart of the matter is identifying the unique value only you can offer regardless of your gender. But to the article’s point, if maintaining that unique value means continued education and growth, by all means pursue it!

Are you a woman over 50? Does this news come as a surprise to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!