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Image by digitalart, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I always tell my Career Coaching clients and seminar audiences that networking is not about getting names, business cards or phone numbers – it’s about building authentic relationships.

In a sea of networking-themed blog posts and news articles by “experts”, it’s rare that I see someone write something that I am 100% on board with – which is why I want to direct your attention to an article by Linda Citroen.

In the article, she breaks down 3 “secrets” about networking that are affirming, actionable and from my experience, dead-on true!

I especially likes that she provides tangible advice that you can put into action immediately. For example, when revealing that your contacts do indeed want to hear from you, she writes:

You are not burdening your network by letting them know how you are. Here are a few times to reach back out to those who helped you:

  • You got a promotion.
  • You landed the job.
  • You’ve been on the job for six months and are starting to feel comfortable there.
  • The connection they referred you to turned into a coffee meeting and a possible work relationship down the road.
  • You still struggle with the issues you sought their advice on.
  • You feel overwhelmed with gratitude and need to tell someone.
  • You have a colleague who benefited from your coaching or mentoring.
  • You need a pep talk.

Read the article for more solid networking advice, and please comments with any success stories you’ve had networking in this manner!