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Register For The First Job Shapers Network Meeting on September 3rd!

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The very first Job Shapers Network meeting is coming up – Thursday, September 3rd! Below is all you need to know about the Job Shapers Network, starting with all the registration info you need:

Meeting Place:

Kirkwood United Church of Christ,
1603 Dougherty Ferry Rd.
Kirkwood, MO 63122

Meeting Time:

7:30am to 8:30 am. Doors open at 7am.


Online payment of $20.00/ MasterCard or Visa
Registration at the door: Cash or Check only.
Space is limited, so you’re encouraged to register here now.

Special Pricing:

Reduced rate of $15.00 a session if registered for the full 8 months

Why Job Shapers Network?:

Do you desire growth, development, acknowledgement, rewards and fulfillment in your career? Are you looking for recognition as a top performer in your workplace? If so, the Job Shapers Network was designed for you.

What will this group do for you?

Introduce you to new ideas about how to shape or “reshape” your job, creating a career path that’s satisfying for you and adds value to your organization. We’ll go beyond vague “advice” to provide tangible, individual steps that propel you forward in your career journey.
Of course, these seminars are also useful to people who are considering a job change, but this is not designed to be a job seekers group.

How will we do it?

Through rich content and a thought-provoking, monthly one-hour career strategy session, we’ll introduce action steps that will lead to personal career growth.

Why is this network necessary?

Sometimes even successful professionals who are reaping the rewards of a job well done – and praise from others in their organization – can’t shake the nagging feeling that they could do more. They’re just not sure what. And there are other reasons why people find themselves without direction in a job, not knowing how to develop one’s self. Some might even feel dissatisfied, going nowhere, or like they’re just maintaining the status quo in their current job. Maybe you’ve found yourself thrust into a new role without really considering whether it is a good move for you. It’s also possible your organization just went through a major change or restructure, and there’s been no time for anyone to sufficiently communicate about how your individual career aspirations fit with this change. In either of these examples, a desire to remain employed, potentially increased compensation, and/or a belief that the new job might be a “resume builder” may tempt you to stay. But if things don’t pan out as expected, job burnout could be next on your resume!

But this can be avoided, and the answer comes in driving your own career development, rather than just going with the flow or waiting to see what comes your way. Taking an active leadership role in your career plan isn’t just a good idea. It’s the whole idea. You can’t afford to gamble on the hope that your company will direct your career for you without your participation.

That’s why I created the “Job Shapers Network” – to empower professionals with the skills and strategies necessary to “reshape” their careers by directing their job, role and career growth without having to abandon the positive potential of one’s current organization.

I hope to see you September 3rd!