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The Importance of Communicating Employee Trajectories

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Image by iosphere, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Here’s a somewhat alarming statistic! Per Mercer’s recent Employee Views on Moving Up vs. Moving On survey:

The New York-based consultancy polled 1,520 employed workers in the United States and Canada, finding more than half (51 percent) of these respondents saying they receive “no input” or “input only once in a while” from superiors on how to perform better in their roles. In addition, 78 percent of employees indicated they would stay with their current employer if they had a better sense of their career trajectory with the company.

What does this mean for managers? That simply having an annual conversation with your employees about where you envision their career going can pay back huge dividends.

Read this article for more insight, and really consider how you can impact your team with a simple conversation!