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Image by nenetus, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When should you call a coworker instead of sending an email?

If they don’t answer their work phone, is it okay to call their personal cell phone right away?

How urgent should the message be to reach out via text?

Is it ever appropriate to use social media to contact coworkers about work issues?

Today we’re faced with communication etiquette questions unlike any other era of work before. We have so many ways to reach out to each other – are we even thinking about how we choose to communicate and why?

That’s where an article titledĀ The Art of Interoffice Communication from The Memphis Daily News comes in. In the article, writer Angela Copeland breaks down different scenarios and situations in which we should take the time to actually consider how we contact our coworkers.

She has some really insightful, practical tips, like being sensitive of others’ time when using the phone, and keeping emails concise.

Read the whole article and let me know what workplace communications tips and best practices you suggest.