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communication, workplace

Image by Ambro, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There is a lot of great advice out there about workplace communication (I literally just blogged about workplace communication etiquette!)

But sometimes we need good, tangible communication advice that goes beyond methodologies or best practices – and that’s where this article titled World of Work: 7 Ways To Communicate With Your Staff comes into play.

I love that this article outright states 6 transitional statements and 1 rule-of-thumb that set up good communication between coworkers:

  1. “Here’s what I appreciate about you and your contribution.”
  2. “Thank you” (personal and public).
  3. “What do you think?”
  4. “Here’s what’s happening and what you can expect.”
  5. “I have some feedback for you.”
  6. “Let me tell you about something I learned the hard way.”
  7. Finally, get to know your employees by name.

Read the whole article to get specific insight into how each of these statements can open up the lines of communication in your workplace.

And share ways you’ve discovered to communicate effectively in YOUR work environment!