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communication problem

Image by jesadaphorn, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

From my experience as a Career Coach, communication breakdowns account for a big share of discontent in the workplace.

So often people feel disrespected or unappreciated, when in reality their coworkers or managers simply don’t communicate that appreciation.

Or sometimes projects get 10 times harder than they need to be because people aren’t communicating along the way.

Or it could be that employees don’t even complete tasks because they were never aware of their expectations in the first place.

That’s why I recommend you read this article by Daniel Goleman, in which he breaks down more specific ways lack of communication negatively impacts the workplace. He specifically calls out:

  1. Passivity
  2. Discounting
  3. Redefining
  4. Over-Detailing
  5. The Four Sentence Rule

But what I like about the article is that he goes beyond just identifying the potential problems causing communication breakdowns, giving you actual tangible steps you can take to overcome each issue.

Which form of communication breakdown have you experienced?