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Consider What Your Communication Communicates In The Workplace

how you communicate

Image by nenetus, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I recently blogged about communicating with your boss when you’re a part-time employee. This got me thinking about communication as a whole in the workplace.

There are so many ways to communicate now, from email to phone calls to texts to – gasp! – talking to your coworkers in person!

I think this article at SFGate.com sums it up nicely:

The way you communicate reveals more about you than you might have imagined. For example you might have wonderful intentions of updating your boss however your thoughts could be running faster than your typing skills and you leave out a couple of words or misspell them creating confusion. Either way, it sends a message that you pay less attention to details. The point is: You might not be as careless if you were talking with your boss in person. You wouldn’t finish a half of a sentence and walk away or perhaps say things unfiltered, yet that’s the message you are sending through emails.

In today’s workplace environment, picking how you are going to communicate is almost as important as what you actually communicate!

But the article goes on to point out some tips that will prefer a solid foundation for how you should communicate with your coworkers.

Check it out and consider: “What am I communicating when I communicate?”