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Fall job seeker

Image by dan, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Did you know that Fall is actually one of the times of year that companies hire new employees the most?

With that in mind, it’s essential for job seekers to buckle down and make sure they’re doing things the right way – which is why I was glad to come across an article titled Start Prepping Now For The Fall Job Search Season.

There are a lot of good tips in the article, like:

  • Be proactive
  • Do your homework
  • Plan your personal marketing campaign

However, these tips are written with the mindset of a job seeker going through what I call “the front door” of a job opportunity. That is to say that one is trying to go through advertised channels, applications, resumes, etc. that the company invites applicants to submit.

And that’s fine.

But I would also encourage people to consider going through “the back door” of a job opportunity. That means using some of this information and having a meeting with others in your targeted companies so that you can network in before there is even an opening!

From my experience, this approach leads to the most opportunities for the job seeker, be it during Fall or any other time of the year!

What has your experience been?