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ageism, mature employee

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I still hear about “the reality of ageism” a lot from Career Coaching clients.

So many people feel that being in their 50s or 60s keeps them from being considered for jobs, and therefore feel they should hide their age on their resume, job applications, etc.

My thought is this: Why would you want to work for an organization that is age discriminatory? If they don’t accept you because you’re too old, then you didn’t want to work there anyway!  Don’t focus on the hurdle with some organizations, but instead focus on your message and passion about what value you bring to an organization.

This was the topic a fellow Career Coach tackled in this recent article. I love that he included a lot of the reactions he got to his piece, citing example testimonials on the power of telling the TRUTH about your age when applying.

I loved this one:

“I decided that actions speak louder than words, so I revised my résumé, put all the dates back on, rewrote my summary to reflect that I’m a guy that did his jobs well in his career, plus mentored and coached the bench players to do the same. I took my old résumé down from where it was posted and put up my new one. Within 24 hours I got two serious calls. One of them was a guy that’s probably my age, which I know because it turns out we worked with some of the same people from years ago in our industry. I’m positive age mattered here … the right way.”

What will your story be? Will you be the person who cried “AGEISM!” because you didn’t get the job, or the person who rose above it all and got the right job at the right place because you were the right person?