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Two Career Skills Resources You Should Consider

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Image by Sira Anamwong, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One of the most important factors in career satisfaction has to do with what your natural career skills are, and how those skills are truly being used in your job.

I often refer to this as your Defined Natural Abilities – your career DNA.

But knowing if your skills are being maximized in your current job role can be harder than you think. It may seem obvious, but as this article points out, sometimes the right career path needs a little assistance.

Now, of course this is what I do for a living. My skills are put to use in helping others identify and maximize theirs.

But before you meet with a Career Coach, you might want to consider checking out these two websites to better understand your skill matches. From there, you can bring those results to a Career Coach for some helpful, person-to-person help.

As the article defines them:

Careerealism is company that helps job seekers find great job fits by identifying their professional persona from the eight they’ve defined: 1) Mentor, 2) Researcher, 3) Warrior, 4) Superconnector, 5) Educator, 6) Builder, 7) Optimizer, and 8) Visionary.

Oystir is company that asks you to identify your skills and the degree to which you have mastered these skills, and based on your self-declared skillset and skill level, Oystir generates a list of jobs that are seeking candidates with your qualifications.

Read up more on each of these resources here, and fully realize what your career path should be!