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job interview, networking

Image by iosphere, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Ah, “the elevator pitch” – the much maligned speech that you can give someone in 30 seconds or less that sells them on who you are and why they should meet with you.

This process is dreaded for a reason. It’s awkward, sometimes intrusive, and hard to pitch perfectly.

So this year, consider an alternative – something I call your own unique value-added profile. This is a dynamic story that illustrates your brand, how you work, and the value you can bring an organization.

This is different from the “the elevator pitch” because  your value-added profile is what you will use during an informational interview, or networking opportunity vs. an aggressive pitch to someone.

The first thing you need to do is to find your own voice. But how do you know what “your voice” really sounds like? This goes back to your key success patterns that this entire process starts with. I work with my clients to develop a unique way of positioning themselves as the aspirin to their potential employer’s headaches. By leveraging the things that make you – and them – a success, your voice will be loud and clear.

It’s very important not to fall into the old resume talking patterns that so many people fall prey to. My solution is to let go of old school methodologies. One of the best ways to master this is to learn by example. I give my clients a recording that features other clients and their value added profiles that led to success!

So the next time you have a networking opportunity, or in an informational interview, your value added profile will help you stand out as a unique, beneficial contributor.

If this topic interests you, read more about it in my book, From Roadkill To Road Map.