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job burnout

Image by marcolm, via FreeDigitalPhotos.com

I recently saw a Forbes article titled “Five Unmistakable Signs of Career Burnout” that I think everyone should read.

I feel so strongly about this because I think the word “burnout” gets over-used. People often claimed to be burned out when in reality they are just going through a tough time. But to be truly burned out means you are likely done with a job completely, possibly even finished with your career.

Now those are some high stakes!

So how do you know if you’re going through a temporary stage of disgruntlement or you are in fact burned out? The Forbes article identifies 5 key signs:

  1. You don’t care anymore.
  2. You don’t see interesting challenges ahead.
  3. Small annoyances irritate you more than they should.
  4. You can’t focus.
  5. You can’t pull yourself out of it.

I hope you will read the article for more insight into each of these warning signs.

And if you have ever suffered from Career Burnout, I’m curious to hear your story. What was the biggest warning sign for you?