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3 Ways To Increase Employee Engagement

corporate culture

Image by smarnad, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Having worked in HR for years before my turn as a Career Coach, I can say from experience that increasing employee engagement within a company can be very challenging.

When a team or group of people don’t feel connected or emotionally vested in their organization, it’s hard to manufacture their engagement.

And that’s why I want to share this article titled “Now wash your hands: Three ways to look at employee engagement” by Lucy Adams. In the article, she calls out three brilliantly simple ways that companies can drive engagement in the workplace:

  1. We need to treat our people like adults.
  2. We need to think of them as customers.
  3. We need to engage with them as human beings.

Managers, pay attention! These are very simple human actions that can make a big difference in your corporate culture, which can ultimately be linked to your bottom line.

And employees, which one of these three things do you wish YOUR company’s management would embrace the most?