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The Deadly Factor of Stress in the Workplace

St. Louis Post Dispatch career column

My latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch Career Column covers a very serious topic – stress in the workplace, and how it truly can be a matter of life and death. I hope you’ll take time to read the excerpt below, and the whole column here.


I recently talked with two professionals who had something dangerously in common — a heart attack this past fall, which doctors said was caused by workplace stress.

Most people assume workplace stress is only found in a job you don’t like, but this is not true, as evidenced by these two people. One said they hated their job because it was so stressful and the other client said they love their job despite its demands.

So what causes all this stress? The American Institute of Stress tells us 6 percent of professionals feel stress due to the lack of job security, 20 percent represent stress while trying to juggle work and personal lives, 28 percent of people reference stress in relation to coworker/people issues and 46 percent of stress is found in the workload.

Let me take a timeout to say, to some degree, stress can help us achieve more than we would if there wasn’t some kind of pressure to get things done. But finding balance is the tricky thing. The big question is this: What can you do to manage all this stress before it puts you in danger?!

Read the whole article here.